Plagiarism Policy

The author(s) must consent about the plagiarism issue, therefore the submitted paper should be free of plagiarism. The author has to check the indication of plagiarism using similarity checkers. Prior to publish in journal, the article will be rechecked by the editor using Ithenticate for checking the similarity, with the policy at least 25%

Note for Authors

IJHCIM will assess each case of plagiarism based on its own abilities. If only plagiarism is detected, either by editors, peer-reviews, or editorial staff at any stages prior to the manuscript publication – before or after acceptance, during editing or at the proofing stage of the page, we will notify the author, then ask him/her to rewrite the text or quote text appropriately and cite the original source. If the plagiarism is extensive – that is, if at least 25% of the original submissions are plagiarized – the article may be rejected and the author’s the institution/company notified. Therefore we highly recommend the author(s) to thoroughly check the content of the articles before submitting them to our journal for publication. We ask the author(s) to use a “Plagiarism Checker Software” to check for plagiarism before submitting it as the first step, although it is not completely reliable.